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Ridley Academy Piano Masterclass - A Closer Look

Have you ever wanted to master the piano? Ridley Academy promises a revolutionary way to do so. Spearheaded by British pianist Stephen Ridley, the academy claims a unique method to help you play confidently, up to 10 times faster than traditional lessons.

The core of Ridley Academy's technique breaks down piano learning into 55 simple steps, much like the simplicity of brushing your teeth. They believe that with proper guidance, mastering these steps can lead to inevitable success on the piano.

Meet Stephen Ridley: The Visionary Instructor

Stephen Ridley, the man behind this method, is an internationally acclaimed pianist. He began his musical journey at age 2 and entered formal training at 11. His unique approach, derived from years of self-teaching, focuses on these 55 steps. However, can such a method genuinely transform a beginner into a piano maestro?

Ridley Academy's flagship course, Stephen Ridley's Piano Masterclass, is designed to make anyone a pianist in just a few months. With a 3-minute daily commitment, they claim their method is 150 times faster than other lessons. This bold statement is definitely intriguing but also raises eyebrows.

Beyond just the technical skills, Ridley's course aims to help students deeply connect with music. The program covers music theory, reading and writing music, and playing any song, ensuring a holistic musical education.

The Ridley Academy Piano Masterclass Review

The Masterclass offers over 220 instructional videos and additional resources, like the Ridley Academy Exercise Pack and Ridley Academy Music Dictionary. But with such a condensed curriculum, is it comprehensive enough?

When it comes to cost, the course's one-time payment option is $2997. There's also a flexible 12-month payment plan.

As a bonus, students get Stephen Ridley's guide on the best pianos and keyboards.

How Much Does The Ridley Academy Cost?

The course's one-time payment option is $2997. There's also a flexible 12-month payment plan.

Is it worth signing up for the Ridley Academy?

In conclusion, while Ridley Academy brings a fresh perspective to piano learning, it's essential to weigh its cost against its offerings. Other options, might provide a more budget-friendly approach.

It's crucial to evaluate your preferences and budget before diving into any program.

Remember, your goal is a fulfilling musical journey.

Choose wisely!


"This was as simple and as graspable as I've come to expect from Stephen.

I (wrongly) thought I knew piano before... but now I really understand for the first time."

Norman Wilson - Piano Teacher of 25 years

"This is beautiful. When I was listening to music, I was always wondering how do pianists manage to come up with all these melodies and combine all the keys and sounds to transmit a very specific mood. No i know how it works. This has uncovered a new world of music for me!"

Kristina Poluyanova

"This is medicine for my soul"

Priscilla McCann

"Did you come up with this?! You are a genius!!

Dude I guarantee you that even the most erudite pianists never experienced this joy. You're taking knowledge, responsibility and control to a knew level!"

Devin Angus


WHY ARE WE SO EXCITED? The Ridley Academy makes learning Piano simple, effective and fast. It does this in 3 ways;

1. A totally new approach to learning piano.

2. Building on what you already can do now.

3. Focusing on practical ability.


Information on The COMPLETE PIANO MASTERCLASS, exclusively delivered by your teacher, Mr. Stephen Ridley